Monday, June 29, 2009


hmm..2day was my 1st Induction Funan digital mall..altogether we got 7 new teachers, 3 from m'sia, 3 from s'pore and 1 from filipine..and among everyone i'm the youngest..hehe..they're all like my big sis :p

The induction training is quite..boring..2day they introduce abt cristofori..tmr still have to go there..haiz..wanna slp lah..but the nice thing is, i made some friends today..hehe..they're quite nice..and we're all nx time we can shopping together.. ^^

my lunch..dry chili chicken..nt spicy at all :( miss mama's dry chili chicken..

inside of esplanade

marina square

met one group of S'pore Asian Youth Games guy at MRT station..hehe..

Sunday, June 28, 2009


This morning went to Novena for sunday service..quite a nice church..once i went in, then normal lah..check tenperature..some more nid to stick a little yellow sticker..dont know for what..that church quite big, got chinese,english and youth service, but all start at the same friend is chinese speaking, so i join chinese service with her..(wanted to join youth service..i'm onli 18!!!!haiz...)but anway, the member there are very friendly, the usher oso,super nice and friendly..after service we had lunch at the church, and that is a canteen, so we gonna BUY the food, not eat for FREE..but the usher belanja me makan, and serve need to sqeeze the queue and got free food for me to eat..hehe :p

Newton Life Church

After that i went to velocity at novena with my friend and her church again........drank mr.bean nice lah..but i still prefer muar soya..hehe..i'm very fussy abt food.. :p

Went to bugis to had our tea and dinner..had japanese food..

Sesame ice-cream and mango ice-cream..the sesame ice-cream is nice..very tasty..

my set dinner..forgot what name ady :p

free coffee..

free green tea..refilled 3 times..hehe..

Bugis Junction

nice right? but i dint buy, nt suit me..

my fren brough a new shirt for my ez-link card..^^

Saturday, June 27, 2009

You can't always run from your past..

Ghosts of girlfriends past..You can't always run from your past..

Golden village theater in vivo city

Movie ticket

Outside Vivo City..Opposite was sentosa..

Prata Sausage..nice!!!

Today i went to the branch which is in tampines mart. After that I went to vivo city..there's sales there..but i din't buy anything..other than makan..hehe..actually i din't plan to watch the movie, but then i pass by the theater, so u just check up see whether got what nice show..
The movie that i watched, Ghosts of girlfriend's quite nice..but is a love file, so basically all couple..but once again, i'm alone..
Anyway, is quite nice to lepak alone..sitting in the book shop for about 1 hour..enjoy the music and reading the books there..hehe..

oh ya..this is the picture of my new singlet and short pants..hehe..

Friday, June 26, 2009

alone alone alone..

Went for medical check up today..haiz..terrible..baru sampai then ambil darah ady..but i dint cry..hehe..i finally grown up.. :p

SATA Medical Center in bedok

After that i went back to bedok interchange to had my lunch..damn hungry after the medical checkup..although their service is quite fast, but that time nearly lunch time, so we still have to wait for them to makan..

S$2.50 carrot cake..oily..miss my muar carrot cake so much :(

Went to City Hall after original plan was, shopping in suntec city, after tat onli go see merlion..but then my another HQ center in at city hall, and i'll need to go there every wednesday, so i decided to have a look to the place..before i reach there..there's a very big and nice church beside me..and i saw a new couple nice, i oso wan~~~hehe..

St.Cathedral Church..

This is special..interesting place..hehe..never saw this in m'sia before.. :p

If u suspect ur husband got gf..remember to come city hall..North Bridge Road..haha

Funan digital mall..and 1 of my HQ is in there..

s'pore court


view of Esplanade..take from different distance..can imagine hw far i walk rite? @@ a mermaid or a lion?? cacat.. :p

S'pore Flyers..lazy to walk in another jz take the far distance pic..hehe..

a shop in Raffles shopping mall that sell christian tis shop very much..very comfy and cute ^^ some more got disney doll collection..super expensive..

outside suntec city..Fountain of wealth..

Well, i quite enjoy 2day, although i'm alone :(
but this is also a chance for me to miss my fren and family..hehe..(dun cry ya, i noe u guys miss me :p nx time i be ur tour guide ok?hehe..) because nobody talk with me while walking, and nobody take pic for me.. :p :p
and nw my leg is super super duple tired and painful, kesian my leg so much..lost my way while i was in suntec city..cant find the MRT station..hehe..after i asked the direction, i still need to walk for abt 20minutes..faint..nearly forgot how is the feeling of the butt stick on the chair..hahahaha..

Oh ya, nearly forgot..other than the tranportation system in s'pore, lets give applause to s'pore mobile network company..sms and call back to m'sia is super cheap so much onli hardly S$2..hehe..some more got free sms..but too bad, m'sia ppl nt really willing to reply my msg..haiz..i wanna complain to m'sia mobile network!!!!

But anyway, living alone was nice is bcoz nobody will bother abt what you do, or where you go..but, we're human..we still need somebody to share with..

Well, jz hope that i'll be able to adapt this kinda life soon.. :)

Thank God for every moment of life ^^
without him, i don't think i dare to lepak alone..